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Below is our current schedule -- Fall 2017. To the right are PDF files of our current and past schedules.

Unless otherwise announced, all lectures are presented Sundays from 1:30 to approximately 3:00 pm. Meeting location is on the campus of the Chatham University: Room 103 in Woodland Hall for this term for this session. See the Meetings page for a map The Library Parking lot is the closest to our meeting room; the best way to access it is the library/campus entrance off of Murray Hill Avenue.

Attendees need not be a member of the society, but must abide by the society's standards of civil conduct. Unless otherwise indicated, programs may be attended free of charge.

Oct 1 VENUS & ENLIGHTENMENT – Raymond Keller
Helena P. Blavatsky once stated that, "Venus is the most occult, powerful and mysterious of all planets." Prepare yourself for a journey beyond imagination as internationally acclaimed, award-winning author, historian, magic realist, mythologist, Theosophist and ufologist, Dr. Raymond Keller, introduces us to our brother and sister Venusians that live and work among us, advancing humankind to a new age of enlightenment in the intergalactic community. Dr. Keller will present a 40-minute Powerpoint about his recent Venus Rising trilogy: Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet; Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus; and Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure, to be followed by a question and answer period and book signing, with all attendees receiving flying saucer bumper stickers.

Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. "Cosmic Ray," is a retired professor of history, Latin American literature (magic realism) and Greco-Roman mythology. A lifelong Theosophist, Dr. Keller bases his Venus Rising trilogy on the advanced metaphysical precepts posited by Helena Blavatsky as early as 1887 in her superb essay, "History of a Planet," that advanced the notion that Venus was a herald of light and truth for our entire galactic sector. Dr. Keller has been investigating and writing about flying saucers and the extraterrestrials who pilot them since 1967, when he had a close encounter with a Venusian scout ship hovering over a railroad trestle in an Ohio state park while hiking with a friend, the details of which were published in the National Enquirer almost fifty years ago. Photo of cover for latest Venus book depicts Dr. Keller and his dear friend, Lady Orda (Dolores Barrios), the Queen of Outer Space, traversing the mysterious region outside our space-time continuum known as Dimension X.

Oct 8 BECOMING THE TRUTH: The Spiritual Life of Richard Rose – Michael Whitely
Richard Rose was an American spiritual teacher, author, poet and philosopher who taught a path of self-inquiry, retreating from error, and going within to find your true nature. He is the founder of

Michael Whitely is a longtime spiritual seeker who began with astrology and Hatha yoga and has been following the Open Path of self-realization ever since. His path has intersected with Theosophy at several key points. He is currently host of the Non-Duality Pittsburgh Meet-up group.

OCT 15 ** Featured Speaker! ** DHARMA: The Loadstar of Life – National Theosophical Society Speaker Ed Abdill
Why was I born in a particular place and to specific parents?  I may say that karma placed me here, and that may be true. But what am I supposed to do with my life? Is there a destiny or purpose unique for me? The Indian and Theosophical concept of dharma can help answer those burning questions.

Ed Abdill is a past vice president of the Theosophical Society in America as well as a past president of the N.Y. Theosophical Society. He has lectured for the society throughout the United States and internationally. Currently he presents courses on Theosophy at the New York Theosophical Society. Ed is also author of "The Secret Gateway: Modern Theosophy and the Ancient Wisdom Tradition," published by Quest Books in 2005. His highly anticipated new book, "Masters of Wisdom, The Mahatmas, Their Letters, and The Path" was released on May 19, 2015 by Tarcher/Penguin.
He has a Phi Beta Kappa degree in English and a master’s degree in Latin American studies from New York University. Ed and his wife, Mary, enjoy Scottish and English country dancing and are certified teachers of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Ed plays the recorder and often joins his wife when she plays piano or concertina for English dances.

Oct 22 PREPARING FOR THE NEW YEAR: Endings & Beginnings – Phil Jannetta
New Year's conjures images of fresh starts and renewed expectations. Too often, however, our enthusiasm soon fades. Without mindful preparation and follow through, our desire for renewal quickly reverts to habits that cannot support well-being, nor embrace the unique opportunities each New Year brings. Phil will offer practical guidelines and suggestions to close out the year, and to start the new one in ways that support fulfillment.

Phil Jannetta is an internationally known Feng Shui teacher and consultant, as well as a published author. He comes to this county after spending over 15 years in Asia as a student, teacher, and consultant, where he studied Feng Shui with professional Chinese practitioners, Taoist scholars, and Buddhist monks. For more than a decade Mr. Jannetta operated a successful consulting practice in Tokyo. His advice was based on the principals of Ch'I energy and their application to physical and mental well being. Since returning to the US, Phil has appeared on television and radio, and in major newspapers. He consults and lectures throughout the US, Europe, and the Far East, and regularly teaches at the University of Pittsburgh and Community College of Allegheny County. His published works include co-authorship of several books with Michio Kushi, including the acclaimed Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine.

Oct 29 FROM GOETHEAN SCHOLAR TO THEOSOPHIST & SCIENTIFIC SEER: The Life & Mission of Rudolf Steiner – David Lenker
At a crucial juncture of evolution Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) established a scientific methodology for the investigation of supersensible phenomena. These insights led to such practical applications as the Waldorf School and Biodynamic agriculture. What light does Spiritual Science shed on inner development and how does it serve the spirit of the universally human in the digital age?

David Lenker is chairman of the Anthroposophical Society in Hershey, Class Holder for the School of Spiritual Science, and co-author of The Knights Templar ( He founded the Rudolf Steiner Group of Dickinson College and was a founding teacher of the Susquehanna Waldorf School. David lectured at Emerson College (England) and such USA locales as: Boston, Buffalo, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Greater Philadelphia, and Portland OR.

Buddhism teaches that suffering is a normal part of life. However, once we understand our own role in causing our suffering, we can take steps to overcome and even prevent it. Meditation practice is fundamental to a deep realization of the nature of suffering and the path to a happier life.

Gail Rowe, Ph.D. is the facilitator for The Bodhicitta Foundation Sangha of Valencia, PA: A Tibetan Buddhist study and meditation group founded by Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam ( She has been studying Buddhism and practicing meditation for about 17 years. Dr. Rowe is a Professor of Biology at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, where she also offers basic instruction in meditation.

Nov 12 AS ABOVE SO BELOW – A Stargazer’s View– Donna Greco
Astrologer, Donna Greco, will discuss the significance of current planetary events and the messages we are being graced with both personally and collectively. The emphasis will be on Chiron and Neptune as they both travel through Pisces. The challenges, opportunities, themes and elements of transformation which are upon us, as well as global events as mirrors for personal reflection, will be discussed. And, there is always the unexpected inspiration that strikes just before the talk! There will be opportunity for open discussion.

Donna Greco has pursued the study of astrology and tarot for 25 years within the context of personal and spiritual transformation, blending artistic sensitivity with spiritual knowledge and attunement as a facilitator for healing and personal transformation. She is available for private counseling sessions, lecture-presentations, workshops, and mentoring. She does readings in person, by phone, and online, having attracted in recent years an international clientele. An accomplished pianist-teacher-composer, her musical career spans 35 years in the classical, jazz, and contemporary instrumental genres. Her Intuitive Music practice is designed to create personalized musical settings for the facilitation of healing and meditation. She also receives commissions for specialized musical recordings produced and designed for personal and sacred intentions. She is a certified Music Practitioner providing music for healing and transition in the hospice setting. She counsels and teaches in her Squirrel Hill Studio. Her websites are and

Nov 19 ENGAGED BUDDHISM: Empathy & the Practice of Witnessing. – Gloria Nouel
This presentation focuses on the contemplative practice of witnessing as a way of increasing empathy in our current social situation. An immersion class at Naropa University's Peace Studies program focusing on immigration and culture on the Mexican-Texas border will be used as an example.

Dr. Gloria Nouel has been interested in the intersection of spirituality, psychology, and social justice for over 40 years. She has worked as psychotherapist, psychology professor, and higher education administrator. Gloria has been a formal practicing Buddhist since 1997.

This talk looks at why we are here, and what we are meant to do while on earth. It discusses universal purposes that we are all meant to do, as well as identifying each person’s individual purpose. It also lists specific criteria that each person can do to determine whether they are actually doing their soul’s purpose. The information comes primarily from the Edgar Cayce readings, as well as from the book A Course In Miracles.

Ed Foote has been a student of A Course In Miracles and the Edgar Cayce readings for over 30 years, and he lectures on these topics for metaphysical groups around the country. He also leads church services and teaches sacred dance in several states each year. Ed helps organize events for the Edgar Cayce organization in Pittsburgh and conferences for the Miracle Distribution Center in California and other states.

Dec 10 REINCARNATION – Francesca Szarnicki
At this meeting we will look behind the scenes at the reality of our existence. The process of birth, death, and reincarnation are examined and explained in a logical manner. We cover issues of past life remembrance and the number of times one has incarnated here on the planet Earth. A realistic vision of graduation from this cycle and what lies beyond is presented.

Francesca Szarnicki is the author of several numerology books and a spiritual healing course entitled Healing My Soul. Currently she writes for an online magazine called She works as an intuitive counselor, life coach, and spiritual healer. You can learn more about her work at her web page

When asked "What do you want?" - almost without reservation, human beings would agree the concise answer to this question is "A good life." While this is indeed a universal goal among all humanity, it seems that a constant and formidable war exists against the goal’s actualization. This power point lecture will investigate the phenomena and illuminate the only real solution to achieving this goal as it reveals the path and identifies the cause of resistance - the one and only real enemy - is identity itself.

Andrew Nesky is the president of the Theosophical Society in Pittsburgh. He has twice been elected to the position of Master of a Masonic Lodge and is a published writer. An actor with hundreds of stage performances, he also lectures on the subject of metaphysics and human development and has coached high-school competitive public speaking, specializing in value-based Lincoln-Douglas format debate. He hosted hosts the web-casted talk show "Science and the Outer Streams" that investigates the frontiers of human thought, science and spirituality. The show can be viewed at YouTube keyword "Outer Streams."

  END OF LECTURE SEASON – See You Next Year!




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