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Below is our current schedule -- Fall 2013. To the right are PDF files of our current and past schedules.

Unless otherwise announced, all lectures are presented Sundays from 1:30 to approximately 3:00 pm. Meeting location is on the campus of the Chatham University: Room 103 in Woodland Hall for this session. See the Meetings page for a map

Attendees need not be a member of the society, but must abide by the society's standards of civil conduct. Unless otherwise indicated, programs may be attended free of charge. Call our 24-hour automated phone system at 412-462-4200 for the most current information on lectures and society sponsored events. This number will have all the latest information on weather and unforeseen cancellations. Officers can be reached at this same number.

Feb 16

The Illusion of “Truth” – Tom Nehrer
As other visionaries throughout time, Jesus perceived the Oneness with which consciousness and reality interrelate, depicting it as the Kingdom “within” to communicate his vision to illiterate, unsophisticated peers. But Christianity emerged, not out of Jesus’ insights, but from aggrandized myth and lore that grew on his legend among lower class followers. Tom’s third book, The Illusion of “Truth”, recreates Jesus in his historical and cultural setting, revealing deep insights embodied in his parables versus Christianity’s unfounded claims rooted in archaic superstition.

Tom Nehrer, spurred by a mystical experience, wended a long inner journey to “Clear Awareness”—seeing reality without distorting beliefs. Tom has toured widely, presenting his unique perspectives to 150+ open-minded audiences—some 30 of them TS lodges across the US and UK. His books (The Essence of Reality, The Psyche Exposed, and now The Illusion of “Truth”), and many appearances internationally reveal the timeless engagement of consciousness—showing precisely How Life Works. On the Web at 

Feb 23 The Difference between Matter and Spirit – Shree Galeme
During this talk, Shree will explain (1) the difference between the body and the soul, (2) the law of karma and how it works, and (3) reincarnation or how the soul takes different bodies.

Shree Galeme manages a storefront called the Krishna Kirtan Center in Lawrenceville on Butler Street. He teaches classes in Bhagavad-gita, does Vedic astrology charts, sells Vedic art for meditation, and teaches the process of Bhakti Yoga, specifically Mantra Yoga.

Mar 2 Igniting Your Spiritual Intuition – Carol Obley
What if you were to discover a valuable resource that provided you with unlimited wisdom, guidance, healing, and peace? How would your life change for the better? In this presentation, we will discuss the journey of a lifetime-becoming aware of the grace, beauty, and power that flows from our own soul. Learn about the inner senses, the FIT trio, and discerning between your thoughts and intuition—the voice of your soul.

Carole J. Obley, Soulvisions, LLC is a professional spiritual medium from Pittsburgh, PA who has done thousands of readings for people seeking confirmation, guidance, and healing from the spirit world. She has been the subject of newspaper articles, spoken on both radio and TV and is the author of three books on mediumship and healing. She has also published articles on spiritual and metaphysical subjects and taught workshops at Lilydale, NY, the largest US center for Spiritualism. She has produced audio programs to help people with spiritual development and teaches three levels of classes in intuition and mediumship.

Mar 9 Essential Oils aka Nature's Medicine – Julie Margo
Essential oils are volatile oils distilled or cold pressed from the flowers, fruit, stems, leaves, roots, bark, rind, or seed of the plant containing a wide array of molecular compounds or chemical constituents. Lavender, for example, has 200 known compounds and is used to support the cardiovascular system, emotional balance, nervous system, and skin. How could that be possible? The many and varied molecular compounds found in Lavender essential oil. Essential Oils can be used to address everything from bee stings to headaches to muscle aches, sore throats, fever, colds, and more. Come explore the possibilities of Mother Nature's Pharmacy.

Julie Margo is a community health and wellness educator who teaches tools and techniques to empower people on their personal healing journeys and invite them to the awareness that choices exist and positive change is possible. Julie is owner/operator of Full Spectrum Self, LLC, a Wellness and Retreat Center in Sarver, PA. Julie's certifications include: AromaTouch Technique Instructor (NCBTMB Approved Provider), Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™, and Access Consciousness Bars.

Mar 16 Developing A Consciousness of Health – Judy Burke
Judy Burke will conduct a discussion on what makes us healthy and what we can do to contribute to our wellness. She will introduce the current information that sheds light on how our beliefs, thoughts &emotions affect our being.

Judy Burke is a One Command Coach Practitioner. She also has over 25 years of experience in alternative modalities. Some of her certifications include Spiritual Response Therapy, PSYCH-K, The Emotion Code, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, and Access Bars, and she is a Reiki Master. She offers many different self-empowerment classes throughout the area and has offices in the South Hills, East End, and North Huntingdon.

Mar 23 Personal Renewal – Phil Jannetta
Rebirth is spring’s enduring image. And, the very same dynamic that animates the natural world can play out in our own lives as well. Whatever our circumstances, our focus now should be on revitalizing body and mind. Phil will offer suggestions to help you do just that.

Phil Jannetta is an internationally known Feng Shui teacher and consultant, as well as a published author. He comes to this county after spending over 15 years in Asia as a student, teacher, and consultant, where he studied Feng Shui with professional Chinese practitioners, Taoist scholars, and Buddhist monks. For more than a decade Mr. Jannetta operated a successful consulting practice in Tokyo. His advice was based on the principals of Ch'I energy and their application to physical and mental well being. Since returning to the US, Phil has appeared on television and radio, and in major newspapers. He consults and lectures throughout the US, Europe, and the Far East, and regularly teaches at the University of Pittsburgh and Community College of Allegheny County. His published works include co-authorship of several books with Michio Kushi, including the acclaimed Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine.

Mar 30 Intentional Ease: 7 Ways to Lighten Up – Duke Kavinsky
Life throws something unexpected, irritating or disappointing at you on your path, and you’re tempted to tense up. The next time that happens, ask yourself: Do I want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of intentional ease? The next time you hit a hurdle, ask: Is it time to freeze up, or is this an invitation to relax? Participants in this program will learn seven ways to respond to life’s demands with greater ease. Program is appropriate for men and women of all walks of life, ages or physical abilities. Join Duke Kavinsky, M. Ed., psychotherapist and somatic coach and learn 7 ways to lighten up.

Duke Kavinsky, M. Ed. is a psychotherapist and somatic coach, weaving the best of science and spirituality to help others increase their “Yes!” to life. He draws upon personal experiences with, and study of, various healing/learning traditions. Duke has danced with the Dance-Master of Cameroon, chanted―Tibetan-style―to create “overtone frequencies,” prayed with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and coached a youth baseball team to a league championship, while teaching players that how you play the game matters. Mr. Kavinsky earned degrees from Penn State University and the University of Pittsburgh and permanent certification, as a Master Teacher, in the somatic arts. He can be reached at 412-445-8961 or

Apr 6 Overview of The Exquisite Zodiac and Holography – Rick DiClemente
Local intuitive astrologer, Rick DiClemente, will overview his book The Exquisite Zodiac and the quantum implications. He will talk about the 12 signs—what they are and how they are knitted together into one zodiac—and the implications of astrology in the quantum/holographic world.

Rick DiClemente has been practicing astrology for over 35 years. Rick DiClemente’s astrological work continues to evolve as he learns from his clients and pursues his own personal and spiritual growth. He trusts the wisdom of the Universe to flow through him to deliver just the right messages, just when they’re needed.

Apr 13 Death and Life after Death: The Possibilities and Probabilities – Theodore L. Kneupper, Ph.D.
We will consider the three principal views regarding death: as termination of bodily processes, of consciousness, and of time. Then we will reflect on the principal ideas that humans have proposed about what happens after death: as physical continuation; as continuation of consciousness in terms of either personal survival, or transpersonal survival; and the altogether different mode of transtemporality or what is sometimes called ‘eternal life’ that is beyond time. In considering each of these three views of survival, we will consider the evidence for their occurrence.

Theodore Kneupper is professor emeritus in Philosophy at Slippery Rock University, where he taught for 34 years. He has been a student of the world’s spiritual traditions, particularly Buddhism and A Course in Miracles, for many years. He is the director of Mind Unlimited (, which is dedicated to the exploration of the higher possibilities of human nature.

Apr 20 EASTER SUNDAY – No Meeting
Apr 27 Enlightenment – Andrew Nesky
Esoteric traditions from time immemorial have believed that it is possible to teach wisdom. Whether the process results in “Redemption”, “Awakening” or “Enlightenment” the process seeks less an expansion of conventional knowledge than a qualitative expansion of human character and permeability in sense of self. Join Theosophical Society President Andrew Nesky for an investigation of this most fundamental of esoteric processes.

Andrew Nesky is the president of the Theosophical Society in Pittsburgh. He has twice been elected to the position of Master of a Masonic Lodge and is a published writer. An actor with hundreds of stage performances, he also lectures on the subject of metaphysics and human development and has coached high-school competitive public speaking, specializing in value-based Lincoln-Douglas format debate. He hosted hosts the web-casted talk show “Science and the Outer Streams” that investigates the frontiers of human thought, science and spirituality. The show can be viewed at YouTube keyword “Outer Streams”.

May 4 How Spirit Works in the 21st Century – Kitsy Higgins
Do you wonder how to be more involved with Spirit? What you can expect if you choose to take a Spiritual Journey? Do you have questions about Spirit? All of these questions will be answered, by Kitsy, at this lecture. She will discuss how Spirit works in this day and age. This is very different than it was 100 years ago or even 15 years ago. She will also tell you what she has learned on her Spiritual Journey so far. She will end her lecture with a Reiki circle, allowing you to feel healing from spirit.

Kitsy Higgins is a Psychic Medium, Channel, Spiritualist, Reiki Master, and Spiritual & Grief Counselor based in Pittsburgh, PA. She can be heard Wednesdays on A1R Psychic Radio at 10:30 pm ( Her goal is to help people remove emotional baggage that is no longer suiting them, using Reiki and Spiritual Counseling. She also helps her clients see that life continues after death, with the process of Spiritualism. Kitsy offers in-person and telephone sessions. She can also come to your home or business for energy cleansing. You can learn more at

May 11 MOTHER'S DAY – No Meeting
May 18 Keep Looking Up: A Star-Gazer's View – Donna Greco
Astrologer Donna Greco will discuss the 12 signs of the zodiac presenting the light filled manifestation as well as the shadow expression of each sign. She will also discuss the significance of current planetary events and the messages we are being graced with both personally and collectively. Donna will also offer insight into the benefits of astrological counseling as a tool for personal transformation affecting long term global healing. And, there is always the unexpected inspiration that strikes just before the talk! There will be opportunity for open discussion.

Donna Greco has pursued the study of Astrology and Tarot for 25 years within the context of personal and spiritual transformation, blending artistic sensitivity with spiritual knowledge and attunement as a facilitator for healing and personal transformation. She is available for private counseling sessions, lecture-presentations, workshops, and mentoring. She does readings in person, by phone, and online, having attracted in recent years an international clientele. An accomplished pianist-teacher-composer, her musical career spans 35 years in the classical, jazz, and contemporary instrumental genres. Her Intuitive Music practice is designed to create personalized musical settings for the facilitation of healing and meditation. She also receives commissions for specialized musical recordings produced and designed for personal and sacred intentions. She is a certified Music Practitioner providing music for healing and transition in the hospice setting. She counsels and teaches in her Squirrel Hill Studio. Her websites are &

  END OF LECTURE SEASON – See You in the Fall!




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