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P.O. Box 171, Homestead, PA 15120

Dear friends of the Theosophical Society,

Our group has grown substantially over the last few years. People who have been to our meetings and requested ongoing notice of our programs now number over 1000. We advertise in many local publications, and maintain a 24-hour automated phone system that disperses timely information to anyone who wants it -- a service that has been especially valuable to our sight impaired community. Each week the ranks of people who have sought information or understanding from our programs grow. We count ourselves a success.

We have one of the few places in the world where a lay person can hear diverse spiritual and philosophical programs. Where else can a Moslem tell his heart to a Jew -- or a Pagan speak about love to a fundamentalist Christian? In our place, we start processes that can lead to difficult and apparently impossible unities and peace…a mission that is perhaps more urgent and necessary than ever before.

We have done things a lot differently than most organizations of our type. Most of our programs are available to anyone who shows up, regardless of their desire to join our group or their ability offer donations to help us support ourselves. We have chosen this “Open Group Architecture” because it makes it more attractive for people who are tentative about their spiritual/intellectual direction to risk a look at our "hub". This is a modern take on our society’s mandate to be a "nucleus" of "universal brotherhood"…one that seems especially suited to the needs of our region.

Our success has come at a cost. Although no member or officer of our group receives compensation of any kind -- the growing cost of advertising, printing, postage and telephone service requires that we ask for your additional financial support.

Please help us with whatever tax deductible contribution you’d like to offer. If you send us $15.00, it will cover the cost of producing, advertising and mailing your schedule for a year. For each additional $15.00, you send we can keep another year's worth of services going for a student or someone who might be less fortunate than you.

Maybe it's just that you haven’t gotten to the meetings as often as you'd like, and haven’t had an easy way to donate. Maybe you were "between" things for a while. If you have some breathing space now, we can really use whatever help you can send. Please make your checks and money orders payable to "The Theosophical Society in Pittsburgh" and send them to the address listed above.

Thank you for your time, presence, love and support.

G-d Bless

Andrew Nesky
President, The Theosophical Society in Pittsburgh